Givenchy Rottweiler Tee

This rottweiler tee from Givenchy is one of this season's most sought after piece and it is now also mine. It's just as ferocious in person as it is in pictures. Normally, I'm not a print kind of guy so this really say a lot about how I love the shirt. I got it a few weeks back and the excitement of owning it still hasn't sunk in. First of all, I don't have a bottomless pocket that afford me anything, and second it was quite a feat to get giving me even more SSENSE of accomplishment of having it. You best believe I'll be wearing this every possible chance I have. Thanks to SSENSE, who not only have a great selection, they also provide fantastic customer service.

And the greatness doesn't stop there. Check out after the jump for some exciting SSENSE news!
You heard it here first, SSENSE is having their sale starting on Nov. 25th! Get ready!

images courtesy of SSENSE

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