Toronto Fashion Week Diary No. 1


Fashion week is here. Last week The Collections kickstarted it with young designers opting to show at The Burroughes instead of the official fashion week venue, David Pecaut Square. Chloe Comme Parris was as usual, good, and the rest I was okay with (I missed Neigum). It was only for two days but I was reminded how exhausting fashion week can be. Commute for me, to and from, is 3 hours longs. It's killer. I love fashion that much I suppose but also I like Toronto lots. In between shows I went window shopping. It feels like everything is here - except me - and nobody appreciates it as much. Tomorrow, I'm back at it again as the official fashion week kicks off. I'm looking forward to it; tired et al.

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  1. Volunteering on Fashion Week sounds really exciting! I wanna volunteer this October, but as far as I get it, the deadline for application has either passed or not yet arrived. How and when shall I apply?