How To Go Blonde If You Are Asian or Have Black Hair, A Short Story

Why I Wanted To Go Blonde
"Don't trust anyone who's had the same hairstyle for five years." It's wisdom I share to others (sometimes unsolicited) that result in the recipient giving me a crazed look as if I'm already the crazy drunk uncle who speaks in inebriated tongue I'm destined to be. Let me assure you I am not - yet.

Troy Sivan's Youth: A Sensible Way of Saying Forever

I find the word forever suspicious. Whenever someone says it, I ask/think, 'So you can tell the future?' It's not that I'm an asshole, it's just I don't trust people who are unaware of how they speak, hyperbolically or otherwise.

I want that Balmain X H&M Blazer But...

I've been fixated with this Balmain X H&M blazer ever since Kendall wore it to the Billboards Awards earlier this year and Olivier Rousteing announced the collaboration. 'I want it, I'm getting it!' was my immediate reaction. I have established that my style is best described in three words: easy but considered and indulgent. This blazer is the indulgent part. I will pair it with a white t-shirt and black pants and fool everyone to think there was more effort put in this look. Pieces like this do all the work for you.

Fast forward to a few months later I learned it is retailing for about $450-$600 unconfirmed. I balked hearing this although with all of that embellishment, it wasn't exactly unexpected. But this is the conundrum it presents. It's a special piece: where and when else am I going to get a piece with this design and (presumably) quality? Never. But, where and when am I going to wear it? Rarely but beautifully.

Rome Diary Day 3

Check out day 1 and day 2 yo.

On our third day we decided to visit the Trevi fountain. It's considered the most beautiful fountain in the world and people throw coins in it to make wishes. What we didn't know is that Fendi commissioned it to be restored - for 2M - and wasn't reopening until October 2015, in case you were planning to go. It is tradition to throw a coin over your shoulder in the fountain and make a wish. There was a minuscule portion of the fountain to throw your coins in.

I wished for the fountain to be open, just kidding.

Fact: Carly Rae Jepsen Has The Summer Album Of 2015

Favourite Tracks:
Runaway With Me
Gimme Love
All That 
Your Type
L.A. Hallucinations
When I Needed You 
Favourite Colour
(Basically listen to the whole thing)

I don't know what is happening but there is a serious drought of pop albums this year. Rihanna released a single in January and then 2 and a half more songs after that but an album never materialized. Hilary Duff released one but apparently pop fans are not loyal or nostalgic (waste). I can only listen to Taylor Swift's 1989 so much guys.