Alexander Wang X H&M: What I Want To See In The Collection

Oh hi there. It's been awhile, I know. But that changes right now.

Alexander Wang X H&M: has also been awhile since we heard anything since it was announced in April at Coachella.

I was watching SNL as usual and checking Instagram for the umpteenth time mindlessly at midnight and thought, 'Hey, Alexander Wang used his instagram, cool, weird. ' Then the video loaded, played and boom, the reveal. There was the initial screaming naturally which then included jumping around maniacally, but then celebrating alone just wasn't cutting it. I texted all interested friends about the news - in caps lock of course - and rejoiced together. When it all sank in, we speculated and discussed in-depth like the dedicated cult that we are. 

It's true. In the past few years he's worked on growing his following even more. He's introduces logos on his designs; his clothes are seen on Rihanna; and his name is rapped by Jay Z and Kanye. Now, mere admirers from a computer screen away can also be part of the Wang life come November 6. This collaboration is a major step in becoming a lifestyle brand and I highly suspect he's designed/ing this collection with this as the objective. 

What's most curious is that Wang will be introducing something that hasn't been done before. "There's gonna be a lot of stuff that's going to be new for the collaboration... there is something to this collaboration that has never been done before."

So what could he do for H&M? I have been speculating a lot. A selection of everyday items a la Objects line? It could be cosmetics or a fragrance. Maybe a playlist with all new tracks from his favourite artists - he did announce at Coachella... What if it's food?! Imagine getting Alexander Wang ketchup on your Alexander Wang shirt because you were getting too turnt listening to Alexander Wang music? I want this life.

What would also be interesting is how the marketing will be done. Glow-in-the-dark runway finale; comedy skits for the T line (my favourite girl); gas station and carnival after-parties Wang knows how to get the people talking. With H&M's backing and a scale this large, one can imagine what left field idea they'll go with. A social media takeover of sorts? A concert? A simultaneous global party where you can dance with a holographic Wang? 

The apparel itself is clouded with mystery. Will he be recreating his most memorable pieces? Or will it be an all new collection? I hope the former because I have a lot of archive pieces I want to get my hands on. I also think he'll be doing a collection of core pieces with Wang sensibility (read: sporty, utilitarian elements, hybrids, unique fabric treatments): a leather jacket, an everyday bag , a dress shirt, a party dress. I also wish for off-beat things like a basketball or pen because what's a lifestyle brand without these two things?

Soon enough we'll get answers. For now here are a few pieces I want to see in the collection:
This was exclusively available at Opening Ceremony and hard to find. I just want to flap my arms wearing it.
This shirt with a criss cross front that becomes a cape in the back. Perfect.
I just got this jacket! But keeping it here cuz this is *the* jacket that revived denim(even though it's actually suede)
Cool play on layering and again a successful reintroduction and reappropriation of a fabric. This time with mesh.  
For a few seasons, Wang played with proportions of epaulettes and fusing elements of peacoats, perfectos, and military jackets. This is one of my favourite pieces from that experiment.
This is from his earlier collections and let me tell you, I've found this a few times online and they still sell for $$$. Grunge 4vah.
I've only seen this in an Asian online retailer and I'm not sure why. Doesn't everybody want a blazer cape jacket thing??
This sweater has fringe going across from one sleeve to the other in the back. This pant zips from the front all the way to the back. So...
Surprised not to see buyers buy this. Was there a surplus of leather tees that season? 
The babely Anouck. PLEASE MAKE MENS SIZES. My life will be more complete with a shoe that's missing a piece. 

photos via style

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