Margiela X H&M Photo Leaks

Update #2

With a bit more than a month left till the collaboration's release (November 15), more photos have been leaked. This time around campaign shots are starting to make it's rounds in magazines. Shot by Sam Taylor Wood, a British artist and photographer, the campaign will also include short films - which will be released on Nov. 8 - just like previous collaboration have in the past. "[It] was a challenge that creatively became a crazy, fun project. I wanted to create an atmosphere that was both quiet and still. That each person was in their own emotional and physical thought space. A world away from the heady atmosphere of the usual urban noise." From what we see, the collection will feature simple designs, like the pea coat with a Margiela Twist. I, for one would like to see more but this is definitely getting me more excited.

Update #1

More magazine pages for the October issues have found its way on to the internet and a lot has been revealed. First, there's lots of pieces being revealed both for women and men. From what I see, it's a good balance of Margiela's unorthodox designs (bra sweater) and constructed basics (a pea coat).

Turns out, the collections will consist of 're-editions' of pieces from previous collections. Previous designer collaborations have taken a familiar route (eg. iconic, reworked, classic, same diff) but the Margiela collaboration will take it a step further. Without a head designer to promote the line, H&M and Margiela will take the heritage angle. "Each garment will be labelled detailing the year and season of origin." says "Margiela insider." For Margiela fans it's a second chance on missed opportunities and for everyone else, it's a way to get to know more about the unusual designs. 

Just last week I posted about what to expect from the Margiela X H&M collaboration. Well, now the first image has leaked.  Check it out after the jump.

2 things about this photos: 1) I didn't expect color but the red is a welcome surprise. 2) Since it will be a fall collection, I was expecting outerwear or knitwear to surface first not a dress. What is interesting is that the design is unconventional and will probably only appeal to/flatter a small group of people. If this dress made the cut, I'm curious to see what other "out there" designs will be included in this collection. P.S. We only see a smidge of it in the photo but, leather boots!

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