October Moodboard

It's ironic that I don't have a lot of "mood" for October. Like I said last month, a lot is happening right now. Fall and school season begun. TIFF and fashion week/month happened. And yet I have nothing to show for it. Perhaps I was just too busy experiencing it all.

This month, there's no signs of things stopping with events popping up left and right. For one Toronto Fashion Week is in a few weeks and I will be attending. Also Halloween which I have an epic idea for a theme party.

Back to the mood board, group shots - tons of them - have been getting my attention lately. What's better than one fascinating subject? A bunch of them in one frame. The cool factor just goes up exponentially. Since I included only two in the moodboard (ironically I found it too busy), here's a few others that I like:


P.S. Mood Board is Proenza Schouler archive and Alexander Wang Fall 12

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