I want that Balmain X H&M Blazer But...

I've been fixated with this Balmain X H&M blazer ever since Kendall wore it to the Billboards Awards earlier this year and Olivier Rousteing announced the collaboration. 'I want it, I'm getting it!' was my immediate reaction. I have established that my style is best described in three words: easy but considered and indulgent. This blazer is the indulgent part. I will pair it with a white t-shirt and black pants and fool everyone to think there was more effort put in this look. Pieces like this do all the work for you.

Fast forward to a few months later I learned it is retailing for about $450-$600 unconfirmed. I balked hearing this although with all of that embellishment, it wasn't exactly unexpected. But this is the conundrum it presents. It's a special piece: where and when else am I going to get a piece with this design and (presumably) quality? Never. But, where and when am I going to wear it? Rarely but beautifully.

That money I could use for other things I want, practical things. Maybe a Canada Goose jacket to finally protect myself properly from winter? Or a Celine tote I will use for a lifetime. Or maybe new eyeglasses that's long overdue.

Purchases like these are practical because I will use them on a daily basis. However unlike the blazer,  I put off buying these products because they will always be available to purchase.

A few days ago I learned there will only be 200 of those blazers made allegedly. So it's become more urgent I get it.

Also New Years Eve is coming up.

Tell me, have you been anticipating the launch of this collection like I have? What items do you want to get from the #HMBalmaination collection come Nov. 5th?

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