Shit Sarah Nicole Prickett Says

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Relax, it's not the latest adaptation of that viral video. This is a bit more than that. During the YES and TFI event Sarah Nicole Prickett had a lot of advice and memorable quotes. Naturally. I couldn't be selfish and not share it with you all.

Here's some Prickett wisdom:

1."I don't have a bone, I have an entire carcass to pick with that article."

2."You have to find what you're good at and get paid for it." 

3."Nobody has your best interest at heart more than you do."

4."I don't believe in effortless style." (Prickett also shared this Isabella Blow quote: "My style icon is anybody who makes a bloody effort.")

5."[Writing] is the only think I'm good at. I can't even fold clothes well."

7."When you get older you realize every one's the same but you have to make people think you're somehow different."

8."Avoid excessive praise and excessive discouragement."

9."There is a scale where on one side is love and on the other is money. You have to work for either."

10."People who do what they want all the time are spoiled bitches. You have to compromise."

11."Didn't you hear? Feminism is next week."

12."Have good grammar... AND spell every thing right."

13."I'm a great writer. Just give me that."

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