Zara Fall 13 Campaign

A reason to like August is that fall fashion starts to roll out in stores. I am particularly biased because summer fashion tends to be colourful - understandably - making it difficult to shop for someone like me who is perpetually in fall mode (read: dark and wearing a coat when the weather even slightly permits). Also seeing new things and the direction fashion is going for the new season is exciting.

Zara's site, one I check on a daily routine (multiple times), updated their site today and the brand new fall campaign welcomed me. There are not many things in the morning that would make going to the bathroom a second priority and a new Zara campaign (or lookbook) is one of them. I will hold my bladder because Zara never disappoints and this is love.

From what I see the Zara campaign can be divided into three themes: a futuristic Parisian look a la Celine and Balenciaga that feature boxy silhouettes and clean finishes; an androgynous grunge 90s look with a lot of black, pinstripes and slips that Zara updates with a polished feel; a London boho babe with a big play on mixed prints with floral, checks, tartan, and duffle jackets. 

At least that's what I'm dubbing them anyway.

There's also an accompanying fashion film with the girls casually walking the streets looking pretty and noticeably white. And not much else. They all ambiguously start running mid way. Where are they running to? Who are they are running from?

I am most excited about the first 6 images because I have a weakness for beautiful jackets and coats; also really appreciating Zara hopping on the mock/turtleneck bandwagon. If Celine says so, then it must be.

What I love about Zara is its contemporary interpretation of the trends. They gear it towards people my age. Also for the most part, Zara excels at getting the look for less but still looking soooo expensive. And let's face it, that's all that matters.

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  1. LOVE IT! The best campaign of the season, beating even my favourite Daria for Céline... Cannot wait to buy it all!