The Bazaar

Last night kicked off the first day of The Bazaar, a shopping "event." Initiated by Rac Boutique, independent local retailers - vintage, designer, samples, consignment - come together in one place to sell their goods. From apparel, jewellery, shoes, eyewear, to bags, pretty much everything was there. With a party atmosphere (DJ and drinks), the one stop shop is a novel idea that makes shopping a bit more fun; plus it shows camaraderie between the competing retailers. Unfortunately, the merchandise was underwhelming.

Conceptually it sounds admirable and a neat idea, but in reality, you're not missing out much. The participating stores only brought in a small offering. Measly really. In general the items, were sub par and I didn't personally find anything thrilling. Maybe I didn't drink enough and dug the music enough. Who knows.

Having all these stores in one roof is convenient but I'd rather go to each store and see their entire stock. Although more time consuming, is fun in it's own way. I did see a couple of transactions being made but personally, not worth it.

P.S. I have to mention there's a very earnest spinning class happening below The Bazaar. There has to be a joke in there somewhere.

Check out the photos after the jump to see if you fancy anything.


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