Jeffrey Campbell / The Damned Ad Man Shoes

Just about a month ago Jeffrey Campbell officially launched The Damned, the men's shoe collection. This was great news for men who have been looking for kooky shoe styles and perhaps have been perusing some of the women's section. I know I have since I've been eyeing the Roscoe and Ad long. Since my feet were too big I had to admire them from afar but no more with The Damned collection.

I am really loving the Ad Man shoe. I know this is highly similar to the Prada brogues of S/S 10 but I've seen both in person and this is a great alternative. I love the concept of a brogue/sneaker mash up and how unapologetically high it is. I know some people might not like it but just like the name of the brand I don't give a Damn(ed).

Update: Now available at SSENSE!


  1. Where can I buy them?! I'm dying for these and a pair of the tardies for when I feel like defying gravity.

  2. As mentioned on the post, I've only seen them on Soletruck. They're currently sold out but Jeffrey Campbell/The Damned restocks styles often.

    So don't fret, just wait.

  3. Do they actually have the men's sizes in stock now?

  4. Yes its slightly different and they're called Ad Man instead. Those are sold out right now.

  5. It's now available at SSENSE.com!