Adventure Bar Story

Besides talk shows, reality tv, and sleeping I've been playing Adventure Bar Story relentlessly for the past few days. I usually don't play video games but when I do, I only do it obsessively. In Adventure Bar Story you own a bar and you cook dishes to gain popularity. But here's the catch: it's not your typical cooking game. It's not like Cafe World or Cooking Mama. In Adventure Bar Story you need materials to make dishes and to get them, you either buy them or go on adventures. That's right, there's fighting involved. In addition to building a bar, you're building characters too. With hundreds of materials and recipes you can possibly make along with exploring places and leveling up characters, it's an incredibly engaging game. It's two game genres that I really like and judging from how much it's consumed my life as of late, they're even better combined.

P.S. The good news - and the reason I even downloaded it - Adventure Bar Story is currently available for free on the App Store. You might as well join me.

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