Why I Love Zara

'I hate Zara/I don't get Zara.' this person said and I, shocked, asked why. Because 'ugly' and 'overpriced' was the sentiment. Truly, I was baffled by this statement that I couldn't formulate an argument for something so easy to defend such as Zara. Until now.

Why do I love Zara? Because Zara gets me. It gets that I follow fashion every season, look at magazine spreads, and want a specific pieces of that world. They forecast what I want really well. They got that I wanted leather sleeves a while back and that I want black and white everything this season. If you're not in the know, then yeah, those printed pants won't make sense to you until the latest Disney star wears it. 

Don't get me wrong, Zara is not a cure for all fashion woes and it shouldn't be but in my opinion, Zara translates the latest the best. Mainly because they cater for the people in my age bracket. The designs are not diluted versions of trends but rather refined wearable versions of them. It's a go to for aspirational fashion people like me. 

Zara's quality also fares better than other fast fashion brands. In my opinion, it's just a tad below contemporary brands for a lot cheaper. But it's also not the cheapest because Zara gets there's a happy medium I would be happy to pay for.  Zara gets people my age will wear a blazer to work and needs it to look more than $20. Personally, I fit well in Zara's clothes. Some stores just have strange fittings and others just feel like did they even bother. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is Zara is reliable and in a world that is as fickle and particular as fashion, that is a rarity. 

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