The Help: Movie Review

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"A beautiful film with depth, entertaining but poignant,  and a dark tale with a ray of hopeful light running throughout. "

Last week, I finally got a chance to watch The Help. The movie is about three women who lived in Jackson, Mississippi and document what life was like as a help, for the white families during the 1960s. The three main characters are played by Emma Stone (Skeeter), Viola Davis (Aibileen), and Octavia Spencer (Minny). This movie takes place during the Civil Rights Movement for African-American people and specifically the segregation happening at Jackson, Mississippi.

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The story, if anything, is the reason you should go see this movie. For people who have read the book, its exciting to see this story come to life in the big screen. And for those who haven't read it, this story is universal and a reminder of the dark history we progressed from. As a fictional story set in a historical background of racism in America, it is easy to compare it with To Kill A Mockingbird (a favourite of mine). Although dealing with similar social issues, the stories told are different. For one, TKAM is set in the 30s and reading The Help, set in the 60s, its interesting to see how little progress has happened in between. Now in present time, this movie is a reminder of the changes that has happened since then and the courageous people who fought to make those changes happen.

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Just like the story, the actresses' performance did the character's justice and brought them to life. Rising star, Emma Stone, at her most different role yet proved she has the acting chops to take on a more complex character like Skeeter. Viola Davis fantastically portrays Aibileen's painful past, unjust present, and her courage grow to change the future. Octavia Spencer, who plays Minny serves many of the comedic relief in the movie as well as all the sass and attitude readers expected from the character, Minny. Don't forget the supporting cast either. Bryce Dallas portrayal of villainous Mrs. Holbrook and Jessica Chastain, as ditzy Monroe-esque with a heart of gold Celia Foote. It is rare to see a cast with as many strong women characters played flawlessly by talented actresses

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As for my final thoughts. I have always loved movies about historical injustices. Whether it's Hotel Rwanda, Sophie's Choice, Schindler's List or To Kill A Mocking Bird, it is rarely made disappointingly. The Help is no different. With a lighter take on a heavy subject, director Tate Taylor has made a beautiful film with depth, entertaining but poignant,  and a dark tale with a ray of hopeful light running throughout the movie. It is a movie with heart and a universal lesson of equality that you will leave the film thinking and hopefully a newly found appreciation for life.

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