Alexander Wang S/S 12 Review

Alexander Wang has just showed his S/S 12 collection yesterday. I can't tell you how much I anticipate the show every time New York Fashion Week comes closer. Yet again, the show was livestreamed and unfortunately for me, my internet happened to be down. Anyway it is up now and here is my review of this collection.

Coming from a resort collection inspired by speed, I was expecting a continuation of that idea. This time it was drag racing. The model line-up itself seemed divided into teams, each with a theme. Opening the show were tight necked, netted sportswear that let their coloured shirt peak underneath. Check out the netted pockets. The drag racing didn't stop there. There were aztec-like tracksuits, arrow prints, and even flower printed bomber jackets. Speaking of flowers, there was quite a few to offset the sport theme.  Referred to as "botanical" prints by Wang, they came in a variety of baby blue prints and a tougher grey/indigo mix. Did I mention the floral, er botanical, printed helmet? It encapsulates what the whole collection is about. A mix of soft and hard (floral and sports, sheer and leather) that this collection has to offer with an athletic theme. The silhouette is also closer to the body that even the flowey closers were sheer enough so you see underneath the swimsuit-clad models.

Accessory wise, Alexander Wang covered his bases for the most part.

The shoes had elongated backs that folded making it interesting enough. Bag wise, it was tough, across the body, and had drawstrings. These are not feminine everyday bags, in fact they're the sturdy reliable ones you bring to camping or I suppose drag racing. One giant enough that it resembled a golf bag. As mentioned the novelty botanical helmet is a show stealer but I do hope the leather bandanas translates in the street well come summer.

Final thoughts, I thought this show offered a great variety for all Wang lovers (which is everyone). Even more, it does so while maintaining the DNA of the brand. It's every where but cohesive and quintessentially Alexander Wang. The casting was also fantastic. Staple girls ( there weren't many doing NYFW ) were there, as well as oldy but goody girls like Liya Kebede and Hilary Rhoda (who haven't walked in years). He's also trying to be a career maker for his opener and continues to do so this season. The runway too gets exciting every year this seasons four mirrors in a shape of an X made great optical illusions. Design wise, I see some "inspiration" from Celine, Givenchy and Balenciaga but this collection holds his own. Alexander Wang knows his niche and this will do well in print and in the streets.
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  1. So much on the catwalk is all old stuff. Weird.