Where to Buy the Best T-Shirts

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So you've read my Love Note to the Basic T-shirt, now here's a guide to get your mission to find the perfect tee started!

In no specific order, here are my favorites:
The first T-shirt sample from The Row

1. The Row : This high end line by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen started with the idea of creating the perfect t-shirt. Now, this line has expanded to a full ready to wear with a focus on fabric and cut. With that kind of philosophy (and hefty price tag) you know that tee will be made with a meticulous hand.

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2. T by Alexander Wang : If you haven't noticed from my blog, I love Alexander Wang and his diffusion line is all about T-shirt dressing. The basics gets reissued every season and its always soft, loose, and light. Due to the nature of his fabrics, his tees are delicate and may not be for everyone.(linty and stretches easily).

3. Club Monaco : I'm a big fan of Club Monaco. Like The Row, the focus is on luxe basic. At a lower price of course. As an opposite of Alexander Wang the pieces often have a classic cut and sometimes a slim fit. There are gems to be found in the sale section. Its a go to place for luxury basics that doesn't break the bank.

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4. Gap : Despite the brand's identity crisis, their clothes aren't half bad. Their basics especially fits well and are comfortable. They last a long while too. Plus the store is almost always having a sale. P.S. Check out their pants and jeans too. They're just as good.

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5. American Apparel : Despite the controversy around the company and their raunchy aesthetic, you can't deny that their products are still reliable. I love their t-shirts because they're a bit longer and have a tight crew neck. Their tees are especially good for tall and lanky people because their larger sizes are still narrow (not everyone is fat you know).


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