A.P.C. Camouflage Soldier Shirt Jacket

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unlikely place. In the case of this camo jacket (second photo is of the overshirt version) it's by three folds . One, I'm not a camo person; it's not my style. I don't like the print and it's usually on ill fitting pants/jackets worn by someone equally unpleasant. If you were camo, I won't be camouflaging my feelings about it. 

However, A.P.C. has solved the problem by coming up with this version of the print. It's graphic and don't remind me of puddles of mud; also the choice of yellow helps a lot. I love a great basic but I just don't respond to A.P.C.'s not even a twinge (also they do a lot of dress shirts which I find uncomfortable to wear).  I've never bought/tried anything from A.P.C. and making me like something I don't is a good way to start.

Finally, the first time I saw this jacket was actually on Justin Bieber. He was on Jimmy Fallon and I thought, 'I feel okay about this jacket.' By the end of the interview it became 'Who makes this jacket? I want it.' Fast forward to today, I checked on my Facebook feed and Jonathan+Olivia mentioned the print. A sign? I though so and now I'm writing this.

photo via apc, lyst, zimbio


  1. i think it's bad as

  2. Thought this looked kind of silly. The pattern is supposed to be 1930s German and the small lines are supposed to be grass or rain. Meaning they are supposed to be vertical. Not sure why they rotated it 90 degrees but I guess Bieber don't notice so accuracy can't be that important.