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 There is an overwhelming amount of fashion and personal style blogs out there that its hard to separate the good from the bad. They're the same mundane "Look at my pretty pictures" blog. It is no longer fresh and its just the recycling of the same formula of those who pioneered the idea of personal style blogging. There is the influence of queen bee Fashiontoast and Style Bubble present in these blogs which isn't a bad thing but its not exciting anymore after seeing it for the umpteenth time. Some do not even deserve to be called personal style blogs because they are not personal  and therefore not style. They buy an unnecessary amount of designer goods, wear it once, and really none of the attires show what their taste in clothes are. There's wearing trends and there's wearing trends that fit your style. It's the former I have a problem with. It's no different than say, people who wear Ed Hardy because in the end a label whore is a label whore. If you're style is best expressed with club clothes with aggressive looking fonts and design, then hey more power to you.

Then there's Dead Fleurette.The extreme opposite of the excess in the fashion blogosphere that has an unwritten motto of "Quality is king". She is on a mission and like Goldilocks, is searching for "just right". She is particular and the decision making of buying a piece of garment is a slow and intricate process. To say she is selective would be an understatement. It includes planning and lists. Shopping is an art form for her and she has resisted the wastefulness of consumerism. She is on a quest for a wardrobe that will reflect only herself and not of a muse dictated by an era, a trend, or a brand.

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Just like her style her blog is personal. She has a clear point of view that is all her own. As a reader I feel I have an accurate idea on what her style is and what her method of achieving it. Her posts include wardrobe essentials, investing in your wardrobe, and the misuse of the term minimalist. Although she sides on the conservative side of fashion she makes the idea appealing and attractive. Dead Fleurette is about taking control, learning how to edit out the excess, and having a harmonized closet. She may seem to play it safe but her favorite purchase is still an impulse buy and she insists that a trench coat is not a closet basic for everyone (I agree). Still each post has substance and inspirational advices and quotes to take away and learn from. Unfortunately, her posts are few and far in between but her readers stay loyal because just like each piece in her wardrobe is beloved, they know each post from her too will be beloved.


  1. I used to follow Dead Fleurette but found her so annoying after some time that I quit. She has a great sense of style for sure, but she reeks of self-centrism. I hope I'm wrong, but she really doesn't seem like a nice person, and that was off-putting.

  2. i didnt get that at all from her. maybe shes so focused on looking "just right" when it comes to clothing? i dont know.

    thanks for commenting! YOU'RE THE FIRST ONE.

  3. hey everyone.just to put it out there deadfleurette is a very pleasant individual. follow her on twitter.com/deadfleurette!

  4. I agree with ritournelleblog to some degree, I would say that Dead Fleurette has her own 'style' but her fixation on achieving perfection is some what unnerving (seems somewhat of a sisyphus task given all things break). It really hit home when I came across the phrase 'wardrobe anorexia' she used to describe her need to stop purchases. Her 'style' seems simply about control, (maybe to do with herself more than just her clothes). I'm weary of promoting her blog for a general audience. Her message is an interesting one, but I do question the mentality behind it.

  5. I understand your point of view but I like Dead Fleurette for the reason that her point of view is different from many bloggers. Blogging has become a way of promoting consumerism and Deadfleurette is the anti-thesis of that. I think every one could learn a bit of restraint maybe not as much as Dead Fleurette but I find her blog inspiring to consciously think about that. I'm sure every one could benefit thinking a bit more before buying. I get that extremes aren't for every one, it's not for me either. But I don't like the idea that certain bloggers are celebrated for their enormous wardrobes but then condemn some one like DF who's the opposite of that. It's her process and I choose to respect that.

    As for promoting her blog, I'm not forcing anyone to like it. My blog is about what I like and I don't expect every one will like it but I hope I convey the reasons clearly why I do.

  6. I love dead fleurette. If I had to pick my favorite fashion blog, it would be her's -- no contest. She has been the most influential for me, and has really impacted my style. While I enjoy fashion blogs like FashionToast now and then, like you said, their huge amount of stuff is off putting. And some of the "fashion blogs" are just rolls and rolls of pretty pictures. There's no real content. Pictures are great, but I come to a blog to read someone's opinion, what they like about this or that, not just scroll through endless pictures. In then end, I want someone I can relate to, and I can relate to dead fleurette. She's well off, yes, but you can see that she's not just being handed designer good after designer good.

    Plus, she made me realize that I'd rather have a few things I truly love, than many things I don't really care about. I want to enjoy the things I buy, even if I bought it a long time ago. I've been shopping like she does for a year and half now and I couldn't be happier. I can list every single thing I've purchased this year. How many girls can say that? I don't regret any of my purchases so far, my style has become far more cohesive (since I'm not bogged down by excessive stuff that's not really me), and I've come to take much better care of my things (because the more you spend, the more you'll go out of your way to keep it nice.) Finally, I've become a more conscientious shopper. I never really thought about the impact of cheap clothing until I started getting into the idea of quality over quantity.

    As far as the "self-centrism" critique, I've seen it posted about her before and I don't really understand why. Is her blog about herself? Of course it is; what personal style blog isn't? But i've never gotten the impression that she wasn't a nice person. Probably more introverted, but that's nothing to do with nice or not. I also know she posted about this a few times on her blog. She seemed hurt by it more than anything. As far has her perfectionism, well, I've been there, so maybe I just relate to it. But I think it's her pickiness that makes her who she is, and I know she also addressed that on her blog before as well.