LG Toronto Fashion Week Volunteer Diary Entry No.1

So I have the exciting opportunity to participate as a volunteer for LG Fashion Week and decided to share my experience with you by creating a diary entry of sorts about my experience. Here is my first entry:

Today was orientation day. I was lucky enough to meet a friend on the train who was volunteering as well and decided to go together. We got lost and when found our way we were told that the orientation was relocated this morning to the other side of the place. We pretty much circle around the place but eventually we arrived at the location. It was one of the giant halls at The Ex. Its a place where a plane would be stored. It was massive.

The first thing we had to do was register. There were tables in a row and it was alphabetically organized. I handed in my waiver and availability form and that was it. I asked the girl, who's name I believe was Ashley, how many volunteers there were. She said 250. I was researching about it and had the number 500 in my head. Still, there was a lot of people. Mostly, in their 20s but there were older people as well. There was predominantly girls who came dressed nicely and some even wore heels. That's nice but I don't think they realized it was brave as well. I don't think they realize that we'd be on our feet for the most part and that it isn't a practical thing to wear.

The orientation team waited for a few more people to come and decided to started to late
 It began with a lady, who I believe was Meg, stood on the table and above the crowd. She started by thanking us for giving her our time and how integral our part was to execute fashion week. She discussed schedules, what to expect, and revealing that the registrars were also the leaders for the different tasks the volunteers will be divided into. 
After that she introduced someone who used to volunteer and now worked for LG Fashion Week. She was a lady in a wheel chair who also worked as an editorial I believe for a magazine. Honestly, this was the oddest part of the orientation. First of all, she talked longer than the previous lady who had more to say pertaining to fashion week. Second of all, she discussed how to treat people in a wheelchair, what they should be called ( I forgot what she wanted to be referred to as but it was not handicapped), how a handicap tool is part of their body. The closest that was relevant to the topic of volunteering she said was how designers are creating clothes for those with disabilities.

I have nothing against people with disabilities but I didn't come to a fashion week volunteer orientation to hear about how one should conduct themselves around handicap people. It just wasn't relevant to what we were there for. It was also unfortunate that people in the back could not hear her. They couldn't see her either and I do no think they realized she was on a wheelchair. One person actual wormed her way through the crowd and to the front to tell her that the people in the back could not hear her. What's worse? Standing 20 minutes not knowing what is going on or standing for 20 minutes listening to something that wasn't important to the job at hand?

After the lady finished talking Meg stood back on the table to answer questions. We were informed that: We'll receive white volunteer shirts on our first day, we cant cover the back or front of the shirt so we could only wear a long sleeve underneath. Volunteers enter through the back. There's a chance we can sit and watch morning shows. She also discussed how there's no lockers but there is coat check. Schedule changing is also not really something they deal with. As long as someone shows up they were good with it.It was basic things that we needed to know on what to expect and how to conduct ourselves during our time as a volunteer. I also wanted to know if we could request to work with our friends. Eugenia the volunteer coordinator and who we email for questions said I could request for it through email but its not guaranteed. I should do that before Friday when our schedules will be emailed to us.

All in all it was an informative day and answered most of our questions as volunteers. It left me feeling excited and less nervous to the upcoming fashion week. I can't wait to meet new people with similar interests, getting my first experience with fashion week, and finding out if this will be for me or not.

Sorry I did not take pictures. I was really focused on finding the place and soaking up all the information I could get!

Anyone volunteering or have questions or suggestions? Comment away!

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