LG Fashion Week Volunteer Diary Day 3

To think that my week couldn't have gotten any better, it did. On my third day, I was finally getting into the hang of things and finding my groove as I "worked it" (the ironically serious theme of this season's focus on the business of fashion) during fashion week. My day started of okay. I got to meet Sharla , a super cool chick who was volunteering, on my way to the venue. She was lost and looking at a map to find her way when I decided to do a friendly favour for her and showed her the way. Little did I know I was going to encounter the Jesus-esque situation of "showing the way" the next day as well. Once we arrived I said good bye to Sharla and started my shift.

I got stuck at the dreaded Kelloggs stand but met some cool people including Midas who was going to be my partner in crime that day. I got to chat to some people, did some people watching, and found out about the anticipated event that day: Jay Manuel. The volunteers were excited and spoke of a sighting of him. Even the young models were giggling amongst themselves with excitement. I was hoping to see him when lord and behold comes this guy coming down the hall when someone gasped. It was Jay and company. He was tall and his signature gunmetal hair was there. All eyes were on him. He greeted the models across the Kelloggs stand and just sort of glanced as he passed by us too. Midas said that made her day and made it worth coming to volunteer. I was star struck too but could not wait for the rest of the day to unfold.

That's Jay Manuel. I swear. You can see his signature hair.
I thought I was stuck for the rest of the day at the Kelloggs stand when Eugenia, the head volunteer, was frantically in need of volunteers. I jumped on the opportunity to escape the stand and got Midas to come along with me too. We found out we were going to be fillers at the Micalla show, a jewelry line, which meant that we were going to sit down and watch the show since there was a lot of vacant seats. It was sort of embarassing. It was showing at the studio, a smaller more intimate place than the runway and there were only three rows of chairs on each side and one row had to be removed because no one came. You don't notice these things when you're watching a runway show but the experience of being there gives you a newfound perspective. As for the show itself it was okay. The jewelry were giant in size, decadent and for an older lady. It was sparkly gems, crystals and pearls. The models looked notably miserable and there was a serious wait in between them.
Micalla finale walk.

After that, we went to the lobby, handed out magazines with the week schedule of the shows and chatted with guests. One in particular was Tania of efashionista. She was really pleasant and asked if I could do her a huge favour of getting her in to the DUY show. On the earlier shows we are able to accommodate these requests because just like Micalla, fashion people like to start late so there's seats that need to be filled. After running in circles to look for someone who can help with Tania's request I found the PR people and granted Tania's wish. She was grateful and soon was able to enjoy the show.

I continued to man the show and got into a problem. Eugenia ran into Midas and I chatting with the volunteers manning the show. She asked us to not do that and keep walking around. The thing was, we circled the lobby twice already and was just tired of the tediousness of it and she caught us on our down time. Unfortunately, she kept catching us do this. So eventually Jen the team lead volunteer had to tell us Eugenia did not want Midas and I together anymore. Midas decided to leave which I was sad because she really was a nice person but I had to move on. I stayed at the lobby and soon manned the upcoming LOVAS show.

The LOVAS show was an anticipated show and the place got busier. I chatted with the first people in line and found out they were the relatives of the designer of the line, Wesley. The auntie I believe chatted with me a whole lot and raving about his talent. She said he could do anything and excel at it. He was apparently studying to be a doctor. As if it wasn't enough work to be showing he's also an assistant for another hot designer David Dixon.
A Studio show on screen.

After the LOVAS show was Comrags. What was weird was that Comrags brought their own people. This is the kind of disorganization I was not a fan of during fashion week. No one notified the volunteers so there was running around needed to figure out the situation. They had a seating list and there were people in line that were attending and was not on the list. They also wanted to man the entrance but Eugenia said we just had to stay with them regardless. Mind you the ladies were pleasant but I was not impressed with the lack of communication creating problems that could have been avoided.

After that show was the anticipated ATTITUDE by Jay Manuel show and the crowd started to grow furiously. I decided to call it a day since I already saw Jay plus I learned the next day he started an hour late (and air brushing his eye brows) so I'm glad I didn't have to endure that. I was just manning the exits saying goodbye to people. I chatted with a model named Sara with her chaperone, her father Steve and discussing the life change she's had since becoming a model. What's funny is she's my age and she's living a very adult life. She was discovered at her othodontist and stayed at Milan for a month. She said she goes to a lot of go sees and rejection is plentiful when there is a thousands models to go through and "just right" is what they're looking for. I'm glad to see her be with her father though and still have a zest for a life. I also got to see Jessica from Project Runway Canada exotic and Elmer Olsen, a model scout enter the venue. Oh and I came full circle as Sharla, who I met first that day, call my name as she left the venue.

That was my third day. Hectic for sure but fun at the same time. No Robin sighting except for her sitting at the Micalla show. Like I said it was a great day and it was probably the peak of my experience as the end of my volunteer experience to Toronto Fashion comes closer.

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