ASOS Leather Dungarees: A Shopping Conversation

These leather dungarees (is that really a prettier way of saying overalls?) has me conflicted. The reappropriation of these as something cool with the 90s revival happening right now has me half convinced; these cool intergals make it look sooo good. The other half of me remember I grew up knowing better and vowed not to wear them ever again when I had the choice.

Still, I have questions like, when can I wear this, spring/summer? How am I wearing it, casually/formally? Where am I going and am I really a (leather) dungarees kind of guy?

The Phillip Lim version for Resort 13

These I'm okay enough to have it as a 'saved item' on ASOS and a potential purchase (I justify that it's leather, it's different). No, I won't buy it full price ($98 CA), but on sale? How much and I'll think about it. I watched it sell out, restock, and sell out again. Yay for self control but boo (fashionable) mob mentality.

P.S. Does anybody else troll the internet for every image somebody is wearing that piece you want as if that makes it that much more tangible? Which speaking of...