Zara Spring Shopping List

I know, I know I just wrote about Zara but they already got me with their new arrivals for spring. I eyed these four items online (which got a makeover this month) and today I went to the store to see if they had them. They were and fell in love with all four (except they're all polyester; I notice this Zara...). It's fucking evil really because I don't want to spend the money but love makes you do crazy things. 

Top left: I have an aspiration to obtain an artist-like wardrobe and this, I feel, fits the bill. Also I have a weakness for hybrid coats such as this moto/trench coat.

Top right: If you need a blazer, get it from Zara. They have a new cut that makes you look long and lean and this is one of them.

Bottom left: I never understood why it took so long to get retailers to make long motorcycle coats. It's the shit and I looked too cool with it.

Bottom right: This blazer is inspired by Givenchy's spring 13 collection with it's metal shoulder accent. Nuff said.

photos via zara

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