Dear Vice Canada, This Is Gross

Yesterday, while I was going through my Twitter feed I saw the following tweet:
Curiosity won over logic and I clicked the link. Bad idea. I skimmed through the article and learned they were not even mildly kidding. I left the site and replied to Vice Canada's tweet:

Really? Am I wrong that drinking pee is generally accepted as gross? Am I wrong that a publication who chooses to publish something of this nature is not tarnishing it's reputation? And am I wrong to take issue with an intern being subjected to this when it, better not be, is not part of their job description?

Look, I'm not a prude, but there is a line and Vice Canada not only crossed it, they don't see anything wrong doing it. Me, on the other hand, instantly found three in 140 characters or less.

Looking at other articles on Vice Canada and you'll realize it's not exactly a proper publication. How The Producer of the Weeknd's Breakout Tracks Got Majorly Screwed and Beating the Kony Baloney are some of their top stories. I suppose Pee in My Mouth is in line with Vice Canada's brand but isn't it out of line too?

I appreciate thought provoking articles but I have an issue when it's careless and done for the sake of shocking. This article wasn't a medically supervised experiment with scientific measures of the efficacy of pee. It's an intern with a book called Urine Therapy, a measuring cup, and a toilet. It's not even well written and in bad taste (sorry for the pun).

Looking into the intern's other articles, who wrote and was the subject of the experiment, it becomes clear who would subject themselves to this grotesque experiment. Someone who's articles include 'I paid $80 to jerk off in a bathtub' and 'Is Vaginal Discharge the Breakfast of Champions?' that's who. Her tweets doesn't paint a pretty picture either. If I ever did have to drink my pee I would not take tips from someone who's "butthole can't drink beer anymore."

Speaking of tweets, turns out I was wrong about mine. Writing about drinking pee doesn't reflect poorly on Vice Canada because the kind of journalism they do put shock value on a higher regard than smart and dignified journalism. This particular intern also doesn't seem to mind being raunchy and subjecting themselves to repulsive experiments. The only thing up in the air is this being gross. So please, tell me, for the sake of my faith in humanity, tell me pee is not your cup of tea?


  1. Wow, that is so wrong...I havn't heard of Vice Canada but shame on them. People have dignity that needs to be respected.

  2. No wonder people haven't herd of them. They are what's wrong with society and it's ever decreasing worth. People are crazy these days and will do anything for 15 minutes in spotlight. How dumb, discussing, and shameless of this intern to conform to such acts.

  3. In the context of Vice, it's perfectly acceptable. If anything, you came across as quite out of touch because of your lack of familiarity with their brand. Next time, do your research before tweeting, it ends up making you look like a bigger fool than the girl gargling her own urine.