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 I'm going to write this before I get sucked in to their ruthless world again. I don't even completely comprehend what I'm watching but I'm getting the gist of it. It's complicated. Pretty much Game of Thrones is about the politics of ruling a kingdom in the olde days. Sounds typical right? Except there's so much gratuitous bloodshed and nude scenes; the best of both worlds (ratings gold). But the thing is, it's also complex; the true best of both worlds. The characters are morally ambiguous so it's actually a more authentic portrayal of the human nature (vengeance, corruption, family values mostly).

Watch the Season 1 recap special.

And you know, how you can sort of tell who's going to die and who's not in a movie? You can't with Game of Thrones because the moral scale is out of whack. Good actions don't always result in rewards and manipulation don't always result in punishment. You know sort of like life (read: realistic). It's part of what makes Game of Thrones captivating - if bloody murders and tits aren't enough - because you never really know how it'll conclude and no one is safe. No one. By the end of the first season, the violence have escalated and it's set up season two to be even more suspenseful and must-watch T.V. So go watch.

Excuse me while I do just that.

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