Holiday Gift Guide: Danny Robert's Girls in Glasses Tee

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As an art admirer, I am a fan of Danny Roberts. If you haven't heard of him. what is wrong with you? He is an art blogger who draws many fashion illustrations in a way that only Danny Roberts can. His pieces always have a dreamy and serene quality to them. For me my ultimate favorite piece from him would have to be the Girl in Glasses which is now available in a printed tee form. It's so good it rivals Christopher Kane or Givenchy print tees. I saw this a few years back and still one of my FAVORITE prints I've come across. And the best news? It's only $45!

I personally have this on my wishlist, I hope you're listening Danny!

You can exclusively buy it here.

P.S. This is the original and I want a print of this!

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  1. well thanks for making a beautiful print and ingeniously using it as a tee design danny!

    I want it so bad.

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  3. Thanks for those kind words. They really do mean a lot. I hope you keep reading.