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Warning: This post discusses a first world problem that may cause your eyes to roll.

When I got my first job, one of the first things I spent my pay check on was clothes. I accumulated a lot quickly and consequently, I had to put more care where I stored them, my closet . If you don't know, one of the easiest way to make your closet look put together is to have all hangers be the same. Prior to having a job, I had mismatched ones (wire, plastic, and an occasional coat hanger) that were competing for the Ugly award against my clothes. I hope I wasn't the only one.

When I began shopping for hangers I immediately decided to get wooden ones. Don't make the same mistake. Yes, they look luxurious; yes, it's what I pictured what rich people use; and yes they do look pretty. But here's the reality: wooden hangers are not practical. If you're still reading this, I'm assuming you're just like me and you're going to (if not already) be a clothes horse to some degree. Wooden hangers can quickly take up space and soon you'll be forced to kick things out to make room for brand new purchases.

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So here's the solution: velvet hangers. They're recommended for delicate clothes such as silk (or a crappy shirt that's falling apart) to avoid snagging. I recommend it because they kill two birds with one stone. They're thin like wire hangers but fancy like wooden ones. This way, you're closet looks presentable and there's more space to accommodate your/our shopping habit.

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