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 Today isn't your typical Monday because today marks the release of Lady Gaga's highly anticipated sophomore album Born This Way. A departure from the quickly addictive tunes of her debut album The Fame and the extended EP The Fame Monster, Born This Way has deeper intent than to make you just dance(sorry for the pun). In this album Gaga dips herself into a creative cauldron of goo mixing a rainbow of music genres. The unexpected ingredients in this dance heavy album? Gospel and disco. Disco because the genre itself hasn't been reinvented and brought to the forefront of mainstream music. Gospel simply because of its nature as the polar opposite of dance music. What the Gaga factory of collaborators ultimately conceives is a sound that is representative of where Gaga is in her life. It's an album using its voice to preach what it believes in and its just as expressive and controversial as how Gaga dresses. In this sense, Born This Way is an album for those who loves Gaga just the way she is. Today it'll be like Halloween as little monsters come out to celebrate the release of Gaga's latest creation.

Here is a break down track by track. I am reviewing the Special Edition:

1. Marry The Night: A great intro the album that somehow acts as a bridge from The Fame to Born This Way. Starts out with a gospel verses with electro as a chorus. A fan favorite but not mine personally.
Song Meaning: About marrying the darkness in you. A personal account of Gaga's life in New York.
Memorable lyrics: First verse: I'm a soldier to my loneliness/ I'm a winner. Second verse: Kiss the bartender twice/ I'm a loser.  

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2.Born This Way: The perfect first single that encapsulates what the album is about. One of Gaga's take on the disco genre that takes a while getting used to and also one of the anthem tracks in the album with a great message people could live by.
Song Meaning: A song affirming personal identity and abandoning personal doubt and insecurities.
Memorable Lyrics: Rejoice and love yourself today/ Cuz baby you were born this way

3.Government Hooker: a political song that can be taken the wrong way if the meaning is misunderstood. She laments wanting to be a (government) hooker. It's a mid tempo song with great mix of beats.
Song Meaning: A sexual take on addiction to law and political correctness.
Memorable Lyrics: Put your hands on me, John F. Kennedy

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4.Judas: A dance track that serves as the second single of the album and represents the many religious references the album contains.
Song Meaning: a religious metaphor for a toxic relationship.
Memorable Lyrics: In the most biblical sense I am beyond repentance/ But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense.

5.Americano: The spanish track of the album that I personally was not fond of on the first listen. It's now one of my favorite songs to dance to.
Song Meaning: Not agreeing with the popular political and religious views on gay marriage (I won't speak your Americano/I won't speak your Jesus Christo)
Memorable Lyrics: I will fight for/ How I fought for/ How I love you (very strong meaning summing up tha struggle for equality)

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6. Hair: A metaphor for personal freedom and referencing childhood experiences. It is another anthem tune aggressively preaching.
Song Meaning: Let me be how I want to be and love me.
Memorable Lyrics: Sometimes I want some raccoon or red highlights/ Just because I want my friends to think I'm dynamite.

7. Scheibe (apparently spelled as Scheisse in english): the German song. It's a rave song that I initially thought I'd hate until the beats came in.
Song Meaning: A female empowerment song about not needing men for self approval.
Memorable Lyrics: When I'm on a mission/I rebuke my condition/If you're a strong female/ You don't need permission

8.Bloody Mary: Another religious story with metaphoric meaning. A mid tempo song you dance to that has an awesome gospel voice saying Gaga sporadically throughout the song.
Song Meaning: staying faithful to your friend through good or bad.
Memorable Lyrics: We are not just art for Michaelangelo/ To carve he can't rewrite the argo.

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  1. THE INFAMOUS JCITYMay 26, 2011 at 10:04 PM

    This album is the greatest album of all time

    check out my review


  2. This album is quite good, tracks are strong, dark and catchy, and this album quite pleased me. It is not astounding, but I'm now a lot more attracted in LG’s music then I was before.