Lady Gaga - Born This Way Album Review/ Favorite Tracks Part 2

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This is the second installment of my Lady Gaga Album Review!

9.Black Jesus+Amen Fashion: a track for the vogue music genre. Its easy to visualize people doing the hand dance on the face to this song and people doing campy runway walk to this tune. its great for people who like vogue music.
Song Meaning: Maintaining your religious values through the hardships and greatness.
Memorable Lyrics: Work It Black Jesus

10.Bad Kid: One of my favorite tracks that spits synonyms to the title. It starts out with a rock verse and flows to a disco chorus. Another anthem song for the little monsters who feel oppressed and categorized as a "bad kid". Angst included.
Song Meaning: Gaga's way of saying "I get you and you're not the negative things they say you are."
Memorable Lyrics: I'm a brat/ I'm a selfish punk I really should be smacked.

11.Fashion Of His Love: a 90s sounding song with it beats that you can visualize the high rise jeans, denim jackets and baggy clothes. Its one of the most positive sounding tracks on the album.
Song Meaning: Gaga's ode to her love for Jesus
Memorable Lyrics: I'm gunna be his first and last kiss/ Cause honey I was born to be his


12. Highway Unicorn: Another favorite tracks with my favorite line. It's another anthem song with a metaphor for unicorns as free majestic creatures.
Song Meaning: A reminder that the road to happniness is not always an easy one but that you have to stay on the path to get there.
Memorable Lyrics: Run run with her x5/ Run run with her top down baby she flies

13.Heavy Metal Lover: A fan favorite. It's not heavy metal music but it does use guitar. A mid-tempo with strong beats.
Song Meaning: A sex liberation song.
Memorable Lyrics: I could be your girl girl girl/ But would you love me if I ruled the world world world

14.Electric Chapel: Another fan favorite and it is mine too. Starts with an electric guitar, this song successfully mashes choir pianos into dance music. Appropriately titled it is an instant favorite.
Song Meaning: A song about being able to say no to sex and being firm on what you need from a relationship
Memorable Lyrics: To make a pure love work in a dirty way

15.The Queen: The most-pop sounding arrangement but with a huge veil that is Lady Gaga. Its easy to hear her sing this with a piano or just a guitar. It also weirdly slows down to a Hawaiian guitar solo.
Song Meaning: Gaga's self-affirmation that she can be all the talent and entertainer her little monsters want her to represent them as (Their queen if you would)
Memorable Lyrics: And be brave for you/ You'll see/ I can be the queen you need me to be

16.You And I: Another favorite of mine. It is the country song of the album with a huge injection of Gaga. It's a great story telling song you wave your hands to.
Song Meaning: Her love song for her Nebraska lover.
Memorable Lyrics: Its been a long time since I came around/ Been a long time but I'm back in town/ And this time I'm not leavin' without you

17.Edge of Glory: One of the most poignant songs of the album that if the meaning is understood makes it an emotionally charged song. Its Lady Gaga's personal anthem with her Dad and her grandfather.
Song Meaning: Gaga wrote this with his father the day her grandfather died. Edge is is edge of life where it ends and Glory being the next life.
Memorable Lyrics: I'm on the edge of glory/ And I'm hanging on a moment with you.

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Thoughts? What's your favorite song?

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  1. THE INFAMOUS JCITYMay 27, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Lady Gaga is the best EVER. I love this album.