How Was Toronto Fashion Week?

A collective insight to what it's like in the fashion tents.

Toronto Fashion Week is a rare occasion where the fashion industry come altogether. Some enjoy reuniting with familiar faces while others detest the inclusive nature of fashion week. Regardless, the fashion industry is arguably one of the most collaborative and people from different fields gather for this bi-annual event. Here's some of their thoughts to sum up their week:

Stacey McKenzie, Model/ Personality
"Jovial, Fashionable, Forever. People have stepped up their game a lot and it's been nice to see people embrace each other."

 Brandon Adam, Photographer
"Intimidating, Engaging, Receptive. It's a subculture and for an outsider it's an immersive experience."

Sid Neigum, Designer
"It's important for promotion purposes and to show consistency, stability and that I'm serious about what I do."

Cameron, Security Guard
"Exciting, Hectic, Enjoyable. Are there underage people trying to get in? Yeah, everyday."

Ryan Michael Cheung, Flare Editor
"I enjoyed seeing top Canadian models in town. My favourites are Kate King and Heather Marks."

Courtney, Peroni Representative
"It's interesting. This is my seventh year so it's same old, same old."

 Gail Mcinnes, Director of Magnet Creative
"Love, Talent, Fulfilling."

Anonymous Model Mom
"This is my first time going so I'm elated and excited."

 Kreesha Turner, Singer
"It's my first fashion week in years so it's been refreshing to see new faces."

 Luis Enrique, Writer
"So many beautiful men. I'm walking out of here engaged...or pregnant."

Lillian and Anna, Volunteers
"Hectic, Fun, Fabulous. Be ready to experience things you've never done before."

 Alex, Student and Aspiring Model
"Glamourous, sassy, and I feel short!"
Ava Baccari, Elle Canada Web Editor
"I've heard some interesting stories and there's been so much crazy things happen backstage. It's been eventful."

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