For All The Twenty Somethings, This One Is For You

Since I've started this blog, I've met remarkable young individuals who, just like me, are trying to make "it" happen. The funny thing is I thought that naturally, people I will look up to are the ones who are older and have established themselves. Instead, the precocious twenty somethings struggling to make it are the ones I admire. Not only are they exceptionally talented but they are driven and have accomplished most people our age have not.

There's comfort in knowing I'm not alone. Of course I know I'm not the only one per se, but it's different when you can actually talk to someone in person who's in the same boat as you. They're not pursuing fashion and writing (or whatever it is I might do) necessarily. They're creative young individuals who, at the core, share the same passion and challenges as I do.

When I meet these individuals I look forward to what lies ahead. Often, people negatively generalize our generation (Generation Y) and voice their concern about how entitled we are and whatever bullshit they want to paint us with. The people I've met show promise and are committed to their craft - the opposite of what those eye roll inducing "experts" say. When I talk to them I start imagining where they will be in 10 years and get excited.

Then I think about myself and I'm relieved. There's hope for me.

With that said, I will be featuring some said creative individuals soon here on JERRLIFE.

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