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Ah, it's wedding season yet again (as if the Royal Wedding didn't get you in the mood already) and that means the movie industry is joining in, as they do every year, to capitalize on those big wedding budgets and offer a fun night out with their latest offering of bridal movies. Luckily for us viewers, this time around is no average run off the mill wedding cliches.

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  Bridesmaids is a movie about  Annie, a less than perfect lost in this big world character (played by the SNL superstar Kristen Wiig), being responsible for helping her childhood best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolp) with her wedding. Annie ends up having to work with a set of colorful characters from different aspects of Lillian's life:

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Rita: the sexually frustrated and miserable mom forced to deal with three pre-adolescent boys. She reminds of the Housewives reality series and she really really really hates her life.

Becca: is the opposite of Rita. She is an innocent and mildly dumb newlywed who ends up having a special bond with Rita on life as wives.

Megan: the girl with a big physique and an even bigger personality is responsible for many of the punch lines here. She is sexual, confident, and aggressive. A lethal mix for comedy magic.

Helen: Lillian's new best friend who obviously ends up becoming a nemesis of Annie, Lilian's life-long friend. Helen is posh and rich. You will love to hate her and the rivalry her and Annie brings in many of the laughs.

I don't want to give anything away but the movie is hysterically funny. It's definitely one of the funniest movies ever made. From Rita ranting about her horny teenagers (video above) to Megan liberally doing whatever she wants (and I really mean whatever she wants) to the competitiveness of who's the best best friend of Lilian between Helen and Annie. The movie audience was laughing out loud.

Kristen Wiig definitely shines bright on this one. Kristen Wiig is part of Saturday Night Live and plays the most memorable characters such as the Target Lady, Suze Orman, Judy Brown and my favorite Penelope. Not only is she the lead of the movie she also co wrote it. As an SNL star alum, she was more than up to the task. Don't call her the next Tina Fey because Kristen is a star in her own terms. She brought  to Bridesmaids what she brings in on every week at SNL: lots of mannerism and delivery that are signature Wiig. Whether its the acting coy while lying, the awkward turn away glance, or the ho down dancing Wiig does it perfect! Not only was she funny, Wiig shows her drama chops as well with believable distraught and anger that the audience sympathetically reacts to. As a writer, Wiig avoids the common stigma SNL actors face when making a movie: a 90 minute sketch, boring long, and lukewarm funny. The writing was sharp and intelligent that the audience would keep laughing and some would miss the next punch line. The spotlight is on Kristen Wiig and the recognition by a larger audience not only as a bankable funny actress but as well as a strong dynamic screenwriter is more than well deserved.

This movie also dispels the backwards thinking and very real sexist issue that women are not funny. This is not a romantic comedy of women trying to deal with life problems only a man can solve by being with him. These are a group of individuals who get into shenanigans trying to get along for the greater good that is their friends' wedding, who all happen to be women. This is not a chick flick with women talking about shopping and men. This is a comedy with diarrhea on the sink, causing a commotion in the plane while drunk, and other things that make life a carnival. These performers are successful not because they are women but because they are funny. If you don't believe me your ignorance will surely make you miss out on a comedy classic.
On a happier note, this movie is doing very well and I'm confident it will continue to do so by word of mouth. This movie has quality jokes and you will laugh throughout the movie. Not only is it sickeningly funny, the movie has a strong cast that fit their roles like a glove. The dynamic between them is great. I feel that when given a chance moviegoers will love this movie and realize that the wedding, the estrogen, and pink dressed are just a backdrop to a life crisis that everyone can relate to. So say 'I do' and check the first comedy this year worth seeing in theaters.

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  1. I agree with you completely; this was one of the best comedies of 2011! I love Kristen Wiig’s skits on SNL and I loved her even more in Bridesmaids as well! It was a really good movie and I plan on seeing it again very soon! I rented it a few times with my Blockbuster Movie Pass, and never gets old! Being able to rent movies like Bridesmaids using the Blockbuster Movie Pass is great because they are always available whenever I want! Whether or not I worked for DISH, I would still have to have the Blockbuster Movie Pass. I’ve watch so many movies since I’ve had it! I am looking forward to seeing what awesome movies Kristen Wiig make in the future!