Wardrobe Inspiration: Dan Levy

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The way people dress may say something about their style but the way people put together a closet says something  about their commitment to fashion. I am always curious to see how well dressed people store and take care of their clothes, their priced possessions. A closet can be like a canvas. Your clothes are your paint and where you place them dictates the composition of your closet. A closet needs a sense of order but a personal touch of creativity prevents it from being stale. It's this take on balance that I'm always curious to see how a fashionable person translates into their closets.

Another challenge is that there are not many MEN'S closet inspiration. Wardrobes can be a very personal thing and letting others come in to take snaps is just off limits. Women are asked more for it and a few agree to do it. Men on the other hand are asked even less so there's even less that comply to the request. Fortunately for us, we have been granted a rare access to one fashionable male's closet.

Dan Levy, a Canadian TV personality, best known for his hosting gig as the hilarious half of the MTV Show, The After Show. Along with Jesse (another fashionista and a funny girl) they chatted about pop culture and their thoughts on the latest episode of The Hills, Laguna Beach, and The City. For four years their perspectives personally resonated with me and would often anticipate their take on the latest pop culture news. Not only were they hilarious, they dressed really well. Dan in particular for sure has influenced the standards for the younger male audience on what it means to dress well. He's a role model in many sense and now as a contributor at FLARE Magazine he continues to do great things, in style.

I saw his feature on The Coveteur and was instantly inspired. It was interesting how he organized his closet and display his prized possessions. Dan states the problem that men don't have as many choice as women do. The solution he suggests is texture, colour, print, and interesting details. In other words, different interpretations to the limited selection men have. Some photos are a bit staged but its nonetheless nice to look at. Designer shoes are featured on stool and window sills. Designer clothes hang on racks exclusive only to those items. Glasses are laid  on beautiful wood. Seeing his collection of clothes also sparks a jealousy and at the same aspire to be more smart in purchasing more carefully chosen quality items than resort to impulsive quantitative purchases that have short life spans. He is a TV personality so...

So what to take away from this?

1. Find pieces with interesting details that fit your personality. A pattern, colour, or a cool cut you like.

2. Highlight your favorite items by displaying them like art. Make your home a mini museum and spread them around. You'll be inspired constantly.

3. Get creative. Choose unexpected items and give them a new purpose. Use a stool or the window sills to place your clothes or shoes one. It'll make you're wardrobe  that much more unique.

4. Don't forget organization it is a basic foundation. Make sure that you still have a system for your closet. Whether by colour or by style it'll make dressing in the morning that much easier.

P.S. I want DOOP back too Mr. Levy!

* All pictures via thecoveteur


  1. Awesome post..!!!!!
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  2. thank you very much. the coveteur does a good job featuring closets. i try my best to give quality commentary.