Fashion Star: The Good, The Bad, and The What The Fuck Is Going On?

In my head, I'm a T.V. connoisseur of sorts. Just because I watch many shows and I like to live tweet them. Alot. With a promising premise and credible names attached to the project, Fashion Star seems like a sure-fire hit. Shows are typically shaky in the beginning but unfortunately none left me as confused as Fashion Star did. Even though it's as messy as the rejected designs on the show, there are still glimmers of hope in between.

The Good:

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Credible Judges: Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie have been reality T.V. darlings in the past and have segued into starting successful fashion lines. While John Varvatos, who has been running his eponymous menswear line since 1999, rounds up the panel.

Honest Buyers: A good balance between art and commerciality is a sign of great design. Unlike Project Runway, Fashion Star has incorporated 3 major and diverse retailers in the show. It's a dream for any designer to be on the floors of Macy's, Saks, or H&M. Contestants are likely to leave the show not empty handed.

Instant Buy: The ability for viewers to buy right away is smart, engaging, and reaps the benefits of impulse buyers.

The Bad:

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Too Commercial: Because designers who don't sell face elimination, they're forced to create wearable clothes. It's unbalanced and like Varvatos says, "We need to protect the dreamers."

Glitzy Stage: I get it's a show and it's added for entertainment but it distracts from the clothes. It works for some but do club music and evening wear go together?

Stores: I find it unsettling that H&M and Saks are looking at the same clients. They've even bid on the same garment. As a consumer, wouldn't you be upset to buy a dress from Saks only to find weeks later the same designer can be found at H&M?

The What The Fuck Is Going On?!:

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This show is a big ole clusterfuck. There are half baked ideas and it's doing too many things for an hour show (an hour and a half?). I still don't know any of the designer and how much of the buyer's bid actually end in the designer's pocket? I'm not sure.

The whole show I'm not sure with actually. It has great things going for it but many times my impression while watching is "Oh cool, oh wait, huh?" The editing is uneven and the segments are all over the place. At times it's a shopping network, sometimes it's a design competition, and sometimes it's an entertainment show. But never completely anything.

The irony is, just like the designers, Fashion Star is still vying for my viewership every week.

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