When I Met Coco Rocha

photo via buzzfeed

Yesterday I read Buzzfeed's conversation with Coco Rocha and it made me think of the time I briefly met her. It was at the press day for Topshop Yorkdale and she was there to grab a wardrobe for the grand opening and the after party the next day. She was on her way out when I called her name. I blurted something - 'I'm a big fan' or something that has lost it's meaning after being said aplenty - and she was nice enough to ignore my crazed eyes. From what I remembered we talked briefly about her then new YSL Elle perfume campaign, speculated if Kate Moss was going to be at the after party (The Kills were playing and she said she didn't think so; she was right), and how unsure she was on exactly what she's supposed to do at the opening (be a press magnet, duh). Everything else was a blur. Like a model, she is tall, thiiiin, and have a hypnotically symmetrical and angular face. I don't know why it threw me off, it's expected she look like that but I had to try hard not to invasively stare and study her face. She was awkwardly charming, Canadian nice, and had zero pretense. 

So when I read her story, my faith was restored that good things do happen to good people. And that modelling is a job that demands your most realized self (read: great genetics, a personality, business savvy and moves like jagger). 

P.S. Here's my favourite photo of her:

September Vogue US 2007 photo via listal

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