Nowadays it's difficult to see or create something new. Everything's been done before; especially in fashion. So when the drought of new is broken, the excitement and awe built up is that much bigger.

Resort and Pre-Fall collections aren't known for or even intended altogether for designers to showcase concepts and trends; they're commercial and increasingly preferred by shoppers. When I saw Christopher Kane's Resort 14 show however, I saw something new. To be honest, even more so, because Christopher Kane's textile/print manipulation and exploration latest aren't as relatable (read: more fantasy than reality) to me as much as say, Proenza Schouler's. However, when I saw this collection, I was sold on his dream.

When I saw the 'webbed rose' pieces, I'm calling it, I exclaimed. Like, HOW? Tackling the idea of 3-D wire frames is already dauntingly unfathomable and commendable for attempting, but for the outcome to look like this? Extremely impressive. I suppose that's what get the most reaction from me: when concept and execution come together - on this high a degree. Typically, literal takes on ideas feels creatively lazy, but if it's 3-D wire frames were talking about, it's the opposite. The result is a play on dimensions. Is it 2-D to 3-D to 2-D? Or 3-D to 2-D to 3-D? No matter, Kane is also perplexing in many levels and I'm intrigued.

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