Saturday Night

Give me just one night and I’ll be almost fine/ 

Remind me one more time it’s the best days of our lives.

Natalia Kills is one of those artists who should be more successful than they actually are. In 2011 she released her debut album Perfectionist. To me it could've been the album to change the music landscape with its dark pop electro sound. It sounded original, catchy, and most importantly, artistic (read: has heart). Listen to Wonderland ('I dont believe in fairytales but I believe in you and me' is a personal favourite line) to really get what I mean. But alas, the world isn't fair and Natalia Kills didn't reach career heights she deserved with Perfectionist.

Fast forward to now and Kills is prepping to release her sophomore album Trouble sometime this year. There's already the first single Problems and the leaked track Feel Myself, which both continues Kills knack for lyrical wit and gritty sound.

Then yesterday, Saturday Night was released.

Idolator describes it as 'a sad song, about squandered youth and disenchantment' and 'summer’s most wistful anthem.' Naturally, they had me. It's about attempting to be happy while acknowledging the reasons why you're not. Kills wrote it as how we disguise our sadness with happiness such as, the Saturday nights we have to forget about *it* all or convince ourselves is not real altogether. It's hopeful - however bleak - but honest. 

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