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Two weeks ago, I went to see Taylor Swift in concert. People are surprised to know it's only my second concert (first was Kings of Leon two years ago) maybe because I seem like the concert type - whatever that means - or maybe because by the time you're my age you're supposed to have gone to a handful of shows already and I missed that life memo. Regardless, I was excited. I'm going to a concert, I got sweet seats, and I was overwhelmed by the idea of seeing Taylor Swift.

Lately, my feelings are best expressed in Taylor Swift lyrics and it is often painfully masochistic to listen to.

I was curious to see who Taylor Swift's demographic is. I thought it would be a diverse group of people due to the broad appeal of her songs (cuz you know, love) but apparently, we largely still listen to who looks like us. While waiting for the GO Train, it was evident all these blonde babes in varying ages (I never experienced the I'm-chaperoning-you-to-a-concert kinda love so my heart melted a few times) and degrees of success emulating some version of Swift herself were going to the concert. Wholesome ringlets, cowboy boots, and red anything painted the station.

Me on the other hand, decided to wear an all white outfit. Mainly because the day before I saw Daria's - we're on a first name basis - all white everything outfit and messy bun/rattail combo and thought 'that is fresh, I'm stealing the whole look' so I did. The only thing perhaps subconsciously relevant to Swift were my collar metal tips which is yeah, country. Also poetically, I was a clean palette ready to be metaphorically painted with Swift's words.

I'm emotional right now, can you tell?

As for the show, it went on incredibly long for four hours with 3 openers and Swift performing for two hours. When she finally came out, my thoughts were 'ah! I am getting to meet this person singing my feelings so accurately.' Feelings aside though and from an objective standpoint, some performances were uncomfortably theatrical (cabaret You Belong With Me and Baroque rock Trouble were especially yikes) and I would trade her trite long winded speeches for more songs instead. When she performed four songs on a stool and a guitar, I liked her best because it's just about the music and the feels but I suppose she's trying to appeal to all her fans... Still, I enjoyed it as a whole and there is something about being in a stadium with (forty five) thousands of people convene for the same reason. It was electric.

P.S.  She performed Tim Mcgraw, which was the first time I heard it. Replace Tim McGraw - at this moment - with Rihanna and it's a song about me.

When you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think my favorite song
The one we danced to all night long

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