Lucian Matis Fall 12

When attending a fashion show, especially offsite, you can sort of gauge what type of show you're in for by the carefully chosen venue and the people who are attending. For Lucian Matis Fall 12, it meant showing at Fairmont Royal York Hotel in a ritzy hall (with some serious chandeliers) where I imagine rich people doing whatever rich people do. Watching fashion shows I guess is one of them since the majority of the attendees felt at home socializing. I tried to do the same thing only to have a failed attempt.
Then the doors were opened to a hall-turned-runway where the 500+ crowd went in. No list to check people in. "This show is so crashable." someone tweeted. Some looked for their chair themselves while others swarmed the interns asking for assistance. Me? I admired the hall and wondered if I'll ever be comfortable being in a place like this. Eventually, I managed to snag - not steal like some bloggers - a front row seat for someone who didn't show up. His lost in more ways than one.

It's eerie how accurate my theory is as the muted collection echoed the sea of attendees in black. Like Amanda Lew Kee ( the only comparison between the two ever), the focus were on textures and shapes, not colour. It consisted of a wide range of evening wear for every occasion. There was some knitwear and leather in the mix, but feathers and lace made up a huge chunk of the collection. A quibble for the beautiful and intricately crafted collection(one gown apparently took 12 days to make) would be variety and concealing those distracting pasties.

As if to appease the young ones in the crowd, Matis threw in designs not usually found in formal wear: fingerless gloves and bunny ears. In feathers and lace no less. And somehow I felt a bit more comfortable being there.

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  1. Congrats on the great seat!

    1. I think you mean "quibble" not "quip."

    2. In my head quip meant that but quibble is good too. Thanks for the suggestion.