Top 5 Extreme Runway Brows

For Fall 12 Chanel showed an array of models with embellished brows (each pair took 3 hours to create).  For a brand with a popular cosmetic line and a classic aesthetic, showing a severe - and somehow delicate - brows is a significant statement.

Imagine if this flew off? It'd be a radical shift in cosmetics. Even if it's a trickled down version on a mass level. I'll take what I can get.

It's not the first time fashion has offered extreme brow concepts (is anything anymore anyway?). So here's my favourite fashion brows from the past.

Altuzarra S/S 12
For Spring 12, Altuzarra models walked down the runway with graphic pitch black brows. It's easy for this to look tacky but it was anything but. The severe brows lent a hand to a boyish collection, with androgynous looking girls.

Balenciaga F/W 10
Just when anything-but-natural hair colour was on the rise, Balenciaga took it one step further and does the same thing on brows. Seems bizarre at first but so did purple hair. To this day I still think it's cool but just not ballsy enough to do it myself. We're friends if you do.

John Galliano F/W 07 
We can't talk about extreme brows without talking about John Galliano (sans scandal). Although his work in Dior is almost synonymous with anatomically impossible high arches, these thick brows from his own line in S/S 07 is a particular favourite of mine. It's so ugly, it's pretty. And clearly Galliano was on to something since Chanel just did a similar thing. Bejeweling and all.

  Sid Neigum S/S 12
Finally, Canada's very own Sid Neigum. Last season, his collection was inspired by 'east meets east' (think about that for a second) and models walked down the runway with black thinamajigs glued on their brows. It's graphic and reminds me of anime characters. With the top buns, the models resembled sort of a fashion sensei army.

all photos via style

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