J.Crew And The Man Who Dressed America

Last week, CNBC aired the J.Crew And The Man Who Dressed America special and uncovered how the dying company has reinvented itself to become one of the biggest retail come backs in recent years. In the middle of it all, is the meticulous Mickey Drexler the CEO (he's The Man Who Dressed America part) of J.Crew who is largely responsibly for the success of J.Crew today. From visiting factories to pick out fabrics to critiquing the merchadising in retail stores it is incredible to witness how involved and hands on Mickey Drexler is in many aspects of the company. The documentary sheds great light and to me, it's fascinating to see this much of the business aspect of the fashion industry. It's albeit of a propaganda but the proof is in the very fashionable pudding of J.Crew.

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