New York Diary Post 4

After four days our stay at New York was coming to a close.

After checking out of W Hotel, my sister and I went to MOMA. How can you not? The museum is packed with historical and important paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol to name a few. As someone who studied art, my head just explodes that I am in the presence of these paintings. It's mind-boggling. After I picked up the pieces of my exploded head we headed out back down to Broadway.

We decided  since this will be the third time to visit this area that we would check out something different. We went to Bleecker street to visit the Marc Jacobs store. In this little street contains not one but THREE Marc Jacobs store. Individual stores for Marc by Marc Jacobs for men and women plus a Book Marc where books are sold and Marc Jacobs items are sprinkled in the tiny store. The stores were so compact it was hard to maneuver around. A separate accessory use to exist but has now closed. I was contemplating getting a dog leash but I didn't pick up anything. We walked around a bit to check out the stores there and then started walking down Bleecker towards Broadway.

Except for the one day it rained, the weather during our stay in New York was ridiculously hot. The day we decided to take the longest walk was even worse. Bleecker is filled with restaurants and we were desperate to find one with air conditioning. There were lots with an open concept and I bet business wasn't so good that day. Oh and by the way, for some reason I had a difficult time looking for a bubble tea place. I figured, New York is a diverse place and there must be a market for this here. We did end up finding a Japanese place with bubble tea. Turns out their ice machine broke or something. We ended up leaving that place plus they didn't have air conditioning.

When we got to Broadway, I went to Opening Ceremony and purchased white suede shoes with wooden heels. After that I looked around some more and tried to find my other sister who didn't come with us clothes as a gift. I was unsuccessful and ended up getting her a Jasmin Vert candle from A.P.C. After that we started making our way back and catch our bus back to Canada.

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