New York Diary Post 2

 On our second day we decided to hit the Alexander Mcqueen Exhibit at the MET. We went there at 8am, an hour and a half before the Museum opened. The line was madness already! There were already 500 people lined up and when I went to check the Guggneheim a few blocks away to see if we can just go there while my Mom waited, the line had already grew considerably in size. We decide too that my sister and I will go look around to kill time while my mom waited in line. So of course, we go and hit the department stores.
We decided to walk the 20+ blocks to Barneys to save on taxi money and have a good workout. After all, we were next to Central Park, where working out is abundant. We finally got to Barneys after 30 minutes and it was great. We were there when the doors opened so no one was really around. I drooled over PS1s by Proenza Schouler. I looked at Alexander Wang bags and tried on the burnt orange vest that reminded me of a samurai from pre-fall 2011.

After that we decided to return to the Met and did not see my mother in sight. Turns out she already got in. My sister and I decided not to go in line and that we'll just go tomorrow, the last day. Instead we went to Guggenheim where the line was reasonable. As for the exhibit it was lackluster for me. The main artist highlighted at the museum uses rocks and painting with simple brush strokes such as repeated lines in his pieces. I did not get it. I went around the five floors of the Guggenheim looking at rocks and brush strokes! Other than the Picassos and Cezanne, I wanted my money back.

After that my sister and I decide to hit all the department stores. They were all located at fifth avenue, home of designer stores. We went to Bergdorf Goodman and Saks. It's fun going inside and going floor after floor of designer clothes. Although I have to say I appreciate online shopping way more now. Sale items are all mashed together and its not customer friendly trying to look rack after rack only to realized your sifting in the wrong one.

We also checked out "regular" stores: The Lindor store, H&M, Zara, Victoria Secret, and Sephora. We ended up eating at T.G.I.F which by the way has something called Jack Daniel sauce which tastes like sweet barbecue sauce. It was yummy! After that we went back to our hotel to re-energize.

At night, we decided to go to Time Square. As usual it was a cluster fuck. It was my sister's first time so it was a must-see. We did the usual touristy things taking pictures and getting in people's way. It was okay though we had fun. After that though we had to call it a day and wake up extra early for the last chance to see the Mcqueen exhibit.

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