Guest Blog: Our First FAT Experience

Last week was Fashion Arts Toronto, an annual event that showcase fashion, photography, art, and performance.  I was meaning to attend for the first time but unfortunately, I couldn't. Instead, my friends, Maggy and Lydia went - with blue eyebrows and facial bling, no less - for the very first time. This was their experience:

| FAT |, an event where we weren’t the only ones with a spiked choker. We were lucky enough to go to FAT on Thursday, viewing BODYscapes, and it was quite the experience. As a first-time attendee I felt like I was exploring the under-belly of the fashion scene. Alternative fashion was the key, and the gathering seemed to attract the bold and eccentric. I saw goths, lolitas, neon eyelashes, platforms, chains, and lots and lots of black. Compared to contemporary fashion, this was a way for people to explore their closets and be more experimental. My eyes were drawn to the people sitting around me as much as the models!

Highlights of the night include:

The Worth by David C. Wigley show (I can’t resist a good cape): 

House of Etiquette’s latex collection:
And the performance art show from the Bored Collective which featured four guys in swimwear pulling pearls out of their crotches and a topless mermaid flopping around the stage.
 O! And of course there was artwork.
FAT was an awesome experience, and we’ll be sure to go next year, but this time with more white face make-up.
 - Maggy & Lydia

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