I Went To AGO's First Thursdays For The First Time and Shit Got Real

...and by shit getting real, I mean we just took a lot of photos of ourselves.

For someone creatively inclined, it's hard to believe that I've never been to First Thursdays or the AGO itself. I've never been to the ROM either. I don't know how or why. Just ask me out sometime.

Here's what I learned: First Thursdays is like One Direction for adults. Every month, the AGO has this party and every month, it sells out. So get yours online in advance!

When I went, a point of interest was a life drawing session a.k.a. draw a naked person.

There is a Facebook event set up every month. It details the DJ, features, and activities available for the night. It's usually $12. When tickets sell out, the thirst gets real and the page becomes a rabid buy+sell hub.

But like, in an artsy way.

When I went, a point of interest was a life drawing session a.k.a. draw a naked person. I didn't get to go because I found out too late. There was also a vessel making with clay class too apparently.

The galleries, from what I gather were mostly open. I was a little surprised and nervous this was okay. Expensive art and drinking guests seems like trouble to me.

Or a performance art.

You can check out other floors as well. We liked Stephen Andrews in particular. The exhibit was well lit and some of his work were perfect backgrounds for future Instagram posts as seen above. He's critically good too, swear.

We weren't particularly fond of the featured DJ's music. It was anonymous dance music accompanied with psychedelic quirky visuals. Maybe sparingly, but for the most part, I feel the people just want some top 40 and nostalgic throwbacks. There ain't no party like an S Club party, you know what I mean?

If you want to people watch, the crowd is a refreshing change from the the typical party crowd. It's varied and unusual. Art kids dressing for the dance floor; basic bitches trying to be cultured; older people in suits and cocktail dresses cuz they're sophisticated and shit; and the miscellaneous - you know the ones.

Nobody's really here to dance but do wear pants. There are style notes to take and you're going to want to put them in your back pocket.

I may go again. See you next First Thursday?

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