Chloe Comme Parris S/S 13

Chloe Comme Parris S/S 13 collection at The Burroughes two days ago was actually an encore show. Just about a month before, they debuted the collection at New York fashion week - a first for the duo. Inspired by Vennice beach skate culture and  Asyrian costumes, the outcome was easy breezy; a stark contrast from their broody fall collection. The palette consisted of off whites, light greys, and baby lavenders. The fabrics were sheer and often, with cape like backs that billowed as the models passed by.  In particular, the olive green and navy trench was a favourite of mine. Also present are the prints (pulled from their mother's old sketch books) - a floral one was blown up almost beyond recognition - that Chloe Comme Parris have become synonymous with.

But the collection wasn't just romantic in tone. There was an olive green pants paired with a matching sleeveless blazer and a printed suit that offset an otherwise airy collection. Parris's antique-like jewelery hardened up the collection and the chains that were added to skirts and pants were a favourite of mine. There was also leather: the black vest although cool, needed better styling but the contradictions of the pink moto with a sheer-like back panel sums up what Chloe Comme Parris is about. Easily, Toronto and California girls alike would wear it.

Check out the entire collection here.

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