I'm Going To Paris For The First Time

Me in a few days. via frenchclass.au

What is my life? I'm going to Paris. For the first time. This week. 

Remember on The Hills when Lisa Love offered Lauren to go to Paris and told her the trip could be so life-changing, she might not want to come back? (Then she turned it down; was known as the girl who didn't go to Paris; but eventually got to right that wrong later on yaaay) 

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Or that New York fashion is clothes you wear, but Paris fashion is clothes you dreeeeeaaaam.

If not, stop reading this. Otherwise, carry on.

What I'm saying is, I've built Paris as a fantasy in my head for a looong time. The kind that felt too expensive and undeserved to ever be fulfilled any time soon. It's also geographically distant, it is literally a long shot.

But dreams come true kids. 

I keep telling everyone going to Paris for the first time is like being born again. My entire environment will be different, the way people live will be different, the way people talk will be different. And I'm going to attempt to acclimate.

So here's the thing: Because I'm soooo 2015, I'm going to be chronicling my Paris trip on social media. So if you want, check me out on the following platforms below and experience Paris vicariously through me. It's the next best thing and I'm going to try hard.

It's going to be trés dope:

Snapchat (@JERRLIFE):

Launch snapchat, place your screen in front of my ghost and tap it. So cool!

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