How I Feel About The United States Legalizing Gay Marriage

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Yesterday the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in the United States. Yes homo. This is a historic moment for those who believe and fight for equality. Gay people finally got what is rightfully theirs. 

But it's been a long time coming and it could have come sooner.

This is the problem with America: always last but first to celebrate. For a country who has as much clout as it does and a leadership position in politics and economics, their progress in social issues is often antiquated.

I'm complaining because America has influence. Did you know Canada legalized gay marriage nationwide in 2005? Of course, there wasn't as much noise made about it. But when America does something, there is a cultural impact. Discussion are made and opinions are changed.

Imagine, if you saw all the celebration and coverage yesterday's announcement has garnered - say 10 years ago - what impact it would have on the rest of the world? How different would public opinion be? How many lives would be changed? How many lives would be saved?

And it's not just gay rights. Why did it take this long to have a black president? Why is there still no female president? Why did slavery occur for hundreds of years before it was abolished? Why is there no universal health care? Because, trust me when these things happen, America will let you know.

That is, if it happens in your lifetime...

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