The Power of Hair Part 1

 This year I decided to take the plunge and do something new to my hair. I went from one side of the spectrum to the other by bleaching my black hair to white blonde. Note that I've never dyed or do anything to my hair before so this is pretty extreme (and painful?. Just as drastic as the change is how different people treat you. I joke that people give two more shits about you but there is some truth that our society is obsessed with blondes. I get more looks (good and bad) and strangers commenting on my hair. This never happened to me when I had black hair. It is interesting to me that my hair can be so compelling to get a stranger to say something. Do blondes have more fun? I don't think so but people pay more attention to you. What this change has given me insight to is the power of hair. By that I don't mean I can lift more weights nor am I smarter. What I'm trying to say is that hair can alter how people perceive you and in turn affect your identity. 

As much as this is a personal blog about obsessions, I don't want to rattle on narcissistically talking about my hair. Instead this post is about the power of hair exemplified in mainstream media. A simple change of cut or color can turn someone ordinary looking to someone extraordinary. Unmemorable to unforgettable. It is so powerful you can make a career out of it. There are celebrities who has haircuts named after them.

So here are some examples who's hair plays a mane part of their identity.

The boys:

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Robert Pattinson: You can already hear Regina's infamous line "You're hair looks sexy pushed back" everytime he moves his messy unkempt hair away from his face. His hair is such a part of his allure, Robert's handlers insisted he not cut his hair for the duration of the first Twilight promo tour.

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Justin Bieber: all the boys wanted his haircut and the girls went crazy every time he flicked it away from his face. Funny thing is this was the hair to have in high school when I was growing up and thought it was weird it was coming back already when the boys just made the switch to faux-hawks.

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Pauly D: beyond GTL, Paul D separates himself from his counterparts by his mega-gelled hair. I mean, it looks like a frozen porcupine from the Ice Age that should never have seen the day of light

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Donald Trump: Oh Donald, your hair is a landmine of material for comedians all over the world but I'm sure you still make more money than all of them combined. Good for you.

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  1. You have a good point. I've received similar treatment because I went to the hair salon again.

    Though, your hairstyle looks cool.

    I guess the media's obsession with hair is linked to celeb obsession. Remember when everyone freaked out when Beber got a haircut? It was quite ridiculous.

  2. thanks for the compliment crystal!

    "iconic" hair is like being a character where you have a look that can't be mistaken for anyone but you. its an interesting analysis of the human psyche.

    it is silly that its news when a celebrity gets a new haircut but i do have to admit im part of the frenzy. not the bieber one but just in general. i mean he cant look like a girl forever.