Champagne Supernova: What does it mean? Anything.

I love Oasis. When their song comes on the radio I get excited.  I was a 90's kid and perhaps subconsciously this band will always remind me of my youth and have special meaning to me. This song in particular is one of the greatest songs ever made. Champagne Supernova was supposedly made while under the influence of drugs and hence this song's meaning is up for interpretation. Which is part of it's genius: a song that can be anything to anyone.

For me, it makes me  feel things.
It makes me feel joy, excitement, and hope. It brings me back to my childhood. Innocence, freedom and everything. It makes me want to sing out loud. Maybe to bring back those memories. It makes me want to sway. It is nostalgic and it is also perfect for karaoke.

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