The Power of Hair Part 2

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 On this second installment it is the ladies' turn (contrary to the above picture will lead you to believe). It really is fascinating what a game-changer hair literally can be. As Karl Lagerfeld has said, "A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul." What I'm trying to say is that your looks and other material things shouldn't be your end all be all but instead a way to express yourself. So be fearless and do what you want. Maybe not to your hair but something else. I mean who ever won an award for being normal?

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Rihanna: you can't talk about infamous hair without talking about Rihanna. She practically got famous with it (oh and that little hit Umbrella). The bob cut, that started it all, took her from just another RnB singer to a superstar. Since then  Rihanna has had blonde faux-hawk for Rated R and red for the Loud era. It's always funny to see emulations of it on everyday people. Good and bad.

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 Agyness Deyn: here is another girl that made a career out of her hair. Agyness has been modelling for a while but wasn't till she debuted her platinum pixie cut her career exploded launching her to supermodel-dom. It was different and exciting for the industry and with a personality and style to match Agyness was star-material. You know your doing something right when a you can single-handedly influence and inspire an industry full of taste-makers.

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Rachel Hair: This is a bit of throwback. This hair sparked a frenzy and made Jennifer Aniston a household name. Women flocked to their hairdressers wanting a version of the cut. Funny thing is, it was for the character and Jennifer Anistion reportedly did not even like the cut.

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Amy Winehouse: Oy, isn't this one a doozy. The Rehab singer made headlines for many reasons one of them being her hair. The beehive was synonymous with Winehouse and love it or hate it but it really went with her whole look (that being a talented disheveled rock and roll singer with drinking and weight problems). It's not something you should emulate(hair and lifestyle) but it could be one saved for halloween.

Lady Gaga: to close it all off the mother of all mother of hairs. Lady Gaga churns out memorable hairstyles faster than rabbits make babies. From the long blond hair with fringe, the short bob, lavender blonde, black and blonde mix, to the teal hair. I'm sure I missed a lot but I'm sure Gaga just came up with even more to add to the list.

And as a special for reading all of that here's a song appropriate for this topic:

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